Real-time metrics of employee vibes.

Vibemetrics shows real time metrics about employee vibes and things that boost their work. Build an emotional bond by listening to people. Know the things in daily work to react. Create a shared success story for people.

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What is Vibemetrics?

Intelligent employee engagement platform

Vibemetrics is an intelligent employee engagement platform. It helps to listen and empower employees, teams, managers and executives. 

By asking simple questions about feelings and different themes it provides a voice for everyone and offers a moment for self-reflection.


Real-time metrics of your organization

The Vibemetrics platform helps team leaders, managers and executives monitor the health of their teams, units and entire organization while keeping users anonymous. 

It provides real-time metrics and KPIs affecting meaningfulness, effectiveness, motivation, engagement and commitment of workforce. The organization can design their customized employee engagement framework with simple and easy to use building blocks.


Real-time results, visual dashboards as well as comments and reaction are visible to everyone.


Top notch usability, works on all devices. App available for Apple and Android. API ready, integrations and bots available upon request.


Anonymous employee feedback based on organization hierarchy. Take instant action for important comments.


Everyone can contribute, give and get feedback and to be heard regardless of time and place.


Gathers data and provides the insights you need to boost your business in real time.


Your information is safe with us. We process and store data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Why it matters?

People matters…

The performance of any organization is driven by people. Revenue, customer satisfaction or retention –  engaged and happy workforce delivers the best results and attracts people alike. People have right to the experience of being able to participate, influence and being listened to.

…But employee experience is not taking care of serious enough

Building a culture that attracts, engages and retains the best people requires continuous dialogue; listening, insight and action. Sense of urgency is familiar to everyone, but what about sense of purpose and excitement?

There is a fight for best employees…

Automation reduces manual work. And work humans do becomes more demanding. Already today — and more so in the future — every employee is responsible for the profits and the customers. 

…But motivation and commitment requires meaningfulness

Bringing  meaningfulness to work is crucial for companies to survive. Results are no longer achieved by forcing or commanding. Results are gained together by creativity, enthusiasm — and good vibes.

Together with our clients

Bringing meaningfulness at work

Simply by listening to people

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