How it all started?

Once upon a time in Helsinki, our CEO and  Founder Mikko Ruokojoki, coded the sales management system in the customer’s premises with his talented team.

Lean methods like Scrum were off course in use. In every two weeks, the team drew mood indicators on the wall. When steering at the wall, Mikko realized how important the feelings were to the results of the  work. The thing lingered on, and at one weekend he grabbed it and built the first version of the service. It was used in a couple of customer projects and one academic thesis work was made. Soon Mikko worked with the tree brave Investor Musketeers to structure a spinoff of the company, focusing only on the employee engagement platform.

The lesson of the story was that the solution must be as simple, intuitive and real-time as possible. People have right to the experience of being able to participate, influence and being listened to.Ever since, the service has continued to evolve, with an enlarging customer base and the growing team driven to make a work-life better.

We are on a mission to empower engagement and give work communities a stronger voice. The journey is on.

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